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Academic Publications

Collegiate Recovery Programs

Gould, M. R. (2020). Collegiate Recovery Programs: Stepping Up to Meet the Need for Distance Service Support During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Distance Learning, 17(3), 1-15.

Collegiate recovery goes virtual during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you for letting me share.

Gould, M.R. (2020). Thank you for letting me share. In C. Lutkewitte, Writing in a technological world, (pp. 345-353). Routledge.

A guide to netiquette and intellectual property rights on social media.

Resources for Students with Disabilities

Gould, M. R. (2015). Resources for students with disabilities. The Current.

An overview of resources for NSU students with physical disabilities.

Blog Articles


Gould, M. R. (2015). 12 step recovery crash course. Wellness Universe.

A primer on the basic tools of 12 step recovery.

Public Access Does Not Mean Public Domain

Gould, M. R. (2015). Public access does not mean public domain. Wellness Universe.

Learn the difference between Public Access and Public Domain and what you can do to avoid intellectual property theft on the Internet.